Enhance Your Life With a Neal Smart Home

Take your dream home to the next level by enhancing it with the latest in smart home technology. A Neal Smart Home comes with a smart thermostat control, smart entry door and video doorbell included. You can control the components of your Neal home with the push of a button, anytime, anywhere, from your internet connected smart device.

Add this smart technology to our unmatched integrity, personalized service and lasting value
that comes with every Neal home, and you will have complete peace of mind.

Join the 13,000+ families who trusted our ability to create quality homes in neighborhoods filled with life in beautiful Southwest Florida. Choose Neal Communities. It’s the smart choice.
Set the temperature before you get home and improve energy costs.
HD Video Doorbell
See anyone at your door, any time. Keep an eye on deliveries.
Forget the keys? Lock or unlock
your door from your smart device.
Wired & Wi-Fi Ready
Stay connected without skipping a beat*. Your home come prewired for wireless access point.
*Requires internet access at your connected home and mobile device.
Your Home… At Your Fingertips.
Easily controls all aspects of your new smart home
Provides secure and reliable connection throughout your home
Supports Z-Wave devices including lights, locks, garage doors, thermostats
Allows for future integrations and peace of mind with the latest updates
Gives you the ability to add more features and devices over time
Comes with our worry-free setup service
We’re here for you.
With all that you have going on in life, updating your technology shouldn’t be complicated. The Neal Smart Home Hub allows you to future proof your home by adding new devices and features whenever you want.
Our professionals will help you download, configure, connect and set rules and schedules that match your lifestyle!
Peace of mind is a touch away.

Smart Door Deadbolt

Total Entry Door Control
Remotely lock and unlock your entry door from your internet-connected* smartphone. Grant temporary access codes to the babysitter, housekeeper or anyone else you want to give access to your home, no matter where you are. You have full control of your home with keyless access control from its numerical keypad or from an internet-connected smart device.

HD Video Doorbell

No More Surprise Visits
View live video or capture video clips of who comes to your door on your smartphone via the HUB; you can even talk to them! It also offers smartphone alerts about who’s coming and going, and automatic triggering of other smart devices like lights and the security system.

Smart Thermostat

Easy Temperature Control
Always make your home as comfortable as you want, while saving on your energy bill. Our smart thermostat is even simpler to operate than a standard thermostat, and allows you to manage energy usage by setting schedules based on your personal schedule. You can also remotely change temperature settings
from the HUB.

Smart Connections

Wired & Wi-Fi Ready
Have other smart devices at home? Take full advantage of your home’s internet connectivity and speed. Stream movies, TV shows and music without interruption.* Isn’t it time you enjoyed superior performance and flexibility?
*Requires internet access at your connected home and mobile device.

All The Bells & Whistles

The possibilities are endless when it comes to enhancing your home. With our partner, Guardian Home Technologies, your home can expand to meet your lifestyle’s needs with any of the following optional features:
Smart Security
Benefit from 24/7 home security and safety monitoring, featuring burglary, fire and medical emergency notifications to first responders. Receive text and email notifications related to your smart security devices and control them all remotely via the Guardian HUB app.
Image Sensor
Capture still images based on motion-sensing, such as the door being opened. Video clips are automatically uploaded
to your online account so you can view them when you want.
Garage Control System
With a compatible garage door opener and Liftmaster system, use the Guardian app to remotely open or close your garage doors and be notified if the garage door is left open. You can even set it up so your garage door closes automatically when your system is armed.
Security Cameras
See the exterior or interior of your home in real-time or view captured video clips on your online account with discreetly placed security cameras. You can even set up your camera to auto-record when your door opens.
Smart Sensors
Add a little more personalized protection and customize your system for items within the home. With this feature, smart sensors can be placed on items that you want to monitor personally, such as an entertainment unit, gaming console, or even valuables in a safe. Be notified by chime or text alert when the sensor is activated.
Firefighter Module
Connect all builder-installed smoke detectors to Guardian’s 24/7 monitoring center for an initial response time averaging 30 seconds or less and notify first responders of a potential fire even if you’re asleep or not at home.
Make your home smart today.
At Neal Communities we’ve formed a reputation of building the highest quality new homes and providing home buyers with innovative floor plan designs, a long list of choices to personalize their new home and inspired service from a financially stable, highly awarded new home builder. We’re proud to offer the Neal Smart Home to you.
In Partnership with Guardian Home Technologies
Guardian Home Technologies is the largest privately-held low voltage company in the U.S. with more than 50 years of experience. Guardian is ranked one of the top 10 integrators by CEPro, a respected industry journal. Guardian Home Technologies is a division of Guardian Protection Services, Inc.
For more information, contact a
Guardian consultant at 813.889.0385
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